Blackhat SEO vs Whitehat SEO

  • March 20, 2012
  • SEO
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Hey guys, another post about SEO. Recently, there have been some new Panda updates being unveiled by Google. These updates have been unveiled in an effort to level the playing field, and cut down on “over-optimization,” and in essence help small business owners, who have great content and services – compete with those who have high budgets, and perhaps great content, but in many cases low content.

Whenever such updates are rolled out, unquestionably the single biggest recurring issue is Blackhat SEO vs Whitehat SEO.

Google firmly believes that any effort to manipulate search engine rankings by website owners, is blackhat. Your goal as a website owner should only be to throw out great content to feed the masses. When hiring an SEO agency, a website owner is under the impression the agency will get them page one rankings, end of story. Often times, this is exactly what the agency desires to deliver as well. But in reality, Google would rather the relationship between the SEO agency and Website owner as one of an advisoral role.

In it’s definition of SEO, Google has no problem if a website owner does the following in an attempt to “SEO” his/her own website.

1. Review the site content/structure and attempt to make it more logical, and concise for visitors

2. Adjust the website and it’s hierarchical structure to reflect schools of thought when it comes to redirecting pages, errors, javascript, flash, or other hosting related issues

3. Development of new content and articles, optimized with certain keywords, so that you tell Google how you’d like it to classify your content.

4. Doing keyword research and incorporating this research in your development of your website pages

Googles assumption of white-hat SEO is that if you generate great content, other individuals on the internet will “naturally” link back to you and link to your content, your website, because they want to. When it comes to link building, this is the type of SEO Google would like to see.

Blackhat SEO is a website owner, or SEO agency, blatantly creating links pointing back to their website. Even if you do 1 backlink, you’re engaging in Blackhat SEO. It’s that cut and dry. Irregardless of the practicality of things, this is essentially the definition – by the book.

No agency will ever claim they do Blackhat SEO, that’s like signing your own death warrant. But realize that by them building links, by even engaging in the act of doing so, they are doing Blackhat SEO. The only question is to what degree they go black. Going extremely hard is when you run into Google penalties, and bad results.

Max Soni is the President, of BrandWithSEO. He has over 15 years of experience, marketing and advertising on behalf of businesses, and getting them from where they are -- to where they should be, by leveraging their brand effectively.


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