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  • April 8, 2012
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This is going to be a long post, and will touch on many different topics. It has to do with SEO techniques.

When we discuss SEO techniques, we’re referring to methodologies, pearls of information given by Google, and other recommended practices. If you’re looking for an uber-black hat secret methodology, sorry but you’re in the wrong place. This is about white-hat recommended practices which will get you the results you want while giving value to your consumer and readers.

1. SEO is a process. Anything that happens overnight isn’t meant to last.

-Don’t look at SEO as a one-time deal. SEO is an ongoing methodology and needs to be consistently done. You don’t eat just once right? You don’t just take one breath of air right? SEO is no different. The algorithms are changing consistently. Tactics that worked yesterday, no longer work today. It’s a long-term outlook.

2. Ask questions from your SEO provider

- Be informed, and vocal, and have an input when hiring an SEO provider, and even once you’ve hired him/her, about their practices. You are ultimately responsible for the tactics your seo provider uses. Know the risks involved with their seo techniques. Remember, they might be doing SEO techniques, but if something goes bad, you have to clean up for their mess.

3. Learn basics of SEO

- You’re a business owner, you don’t have time to learn SEO jargon – but try to learn some basics. If you were buying a stock in the stock market, you’d do some basic homework about it’s indicators, and it’s fluctuations, wouldn’t you? SEO is no different. Learn the basics, so you can talk and understand the implications of the SEO techniques implemented.


- Get Google Analytics and other tools to measure success in place immediately. As a business owner, you need to know your ROI – and you need to know if your SEO provider’s techniques are actually working. If they aren’t working, fire them based on data – credible proof

5. In order for SEO to work – you need an awesome website

- This is self explanatory, but let’s discuss. SEO is great, and works even better, with an awesome website. Ask yourself this, do you think Google wants to display a horrible website in the top 10 results? Google wants repeat visits from people searching online. If they consistently deliver horrible websites in the top 10 search results, consumers will go away from Google. This is bad! Do yourself a favor, get a good website in place before you start doing SEO.

6. Have an XML sitemap in place

- Google spiders are great, but they don’t know of every page on your website unless you give them a map. This is something your SEO provider should handle, but in case you’re doing SEO on your own, make sure to generate a sitemap whenever you make changes to your website structure(addition/deletion of pages)

7. When creating pages – make sure they are SEO friendly

- Let’s think about this one. Which sample url below is better for visitors


-The second one. Think about it from a visitors perspective. Which one is easier to remember? The first or second? The second! The url which is easier for visitors, is generally the more SEO friendly url as well. In addition, think of the url as a way to add keywords in order to help google classify your website. By titling the url with keywords, you enable Google to know what your page is about.

8. Do PPC 

- For various difficult keywords, appearing Organic is great – but appearing twice, thanks to PPC is even better. Now you have increased your chances of getting a click by 100% – what could be better? Don’t undermine the significance of PPC – it works.

9. Use unique information for meta-tags on every page

- Google hates duplicate content. On every page in your website, write new, descriptive, and unique information that is great for Google and tells your website visitor actually what your page is about

10. Write for Users – not Google.

- Articles that are gobbledy-gook, and look like they written by automated bots will not get you ranked higher in Google. If anything, they’ll hurt you.  Search Engine bots read your content, but do they buy your product? Not really. Visitors. Humans. They buy your product. Sure you ranked high thanks to stuffing your text, but if the content is garbage and visitors don’t like it, even with high rankings you haven’t accomplished anything.

11. When linking internally to your pages, use anchor text

- Using anchor text is another way to help tell Google what to classify your webpage as. By using anchor text “click here” you aren’t helping google know what the page is about. If you use the anchor text “PPC help” – you are telling Google the page is about PPC help.

12. Write a blog and participate 

- Writing a blog, that has important and relevant information is the best way to get some Google love. If you consistently write high quality and fresh content, not only will visitors love you – but so will Google. Google will frequently visit your website looking for more content. When we publish articles on our website, they are crawled and indexed within minutes. Seriously! Build such a relationship with Google where you provide it with important content and you will see great returns. As an SEO company, we find writing content is the best way to get both visitors and higher rankings.

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